The Post-Industrialized Career: The Future is Bright If You Take the Lead

We are at the end of an industrialized economy. Factories and assembly lines are run by robots and soon there will be no human working in a factory anymore. When industrialism introduced factories, efficiency and productivity grew at an enormous speed. This is coming to an end now, we mechanized what we can mechanize, we can hardly get any more productive and the costs are at a minimum. A new age is at dawn and we need to get ready for it.

What companies seem not to be ready for is hiring for the new economy. They still treat the hiring process as if every company were a factory. Software scans resumes, HR is sifting through 100s or 1000s of CVs a day instead of doing work that has an impact on the organizations growth. It’s not HR’s fault, the system is broken, HR is only a part of it.


The Future for Job Seekers is Bright

I see this evolution of recruitment and hiring like the outsourcing industry a few years ago. Everybody started outsourcing, reducing costs significantly and firing 1000s of local workers. Huge outsourcing centers have been built in the far or near East and call center agents were working for 10 companies at the same time from the same desk.

Then suddenly, companies started re-building their workforce in their local offices and moved away from the outsourcing partners because it did not work. Communication issues, quality deficits and cultural problems outreached the cost benefits and today, many large organizations are insourcing.

I believe this is what’s happening with recruitment and hiring in the near future. Companies will realize that it’s nonsense to scan resumes with software because then you hire the best resumes. How about hiring the right people?


Your Chance to Succeed or Fail

When companies realize that resume scanning software is no longer a valid option, they might likely also need to change something about the whole hiring process. The cause must be fixed and this is the job advertisements. If a company recruits for a marketing assistant and gets 750 applications, no wonder they need a software to proceed with the applications.

Today, only about 20% of all jobs that are filled are advertised. Imagine this: what if companies in the future decide to build more referral tools and opportunities for their employees to earn significant fees if they introduce a friend or somebody they know for a position and do this in a strategic way? What if jobs will only be advertised if nobody in the entire company knows anyone who knows anyone who could match for the job? How will you be able to tap into the majority of all the jobs filled then?


Job Search vs. Career Management vs. Career Leadership

I think the term job search is very old-fashioned. It describes a process that you only needed in two situations, when you quit or when your get fired. Recently, the game changed. When 10000s of workers have been made redundant at large companies throughout the world, the necessity of career management increased. You were obliged to manage your career even when you were employed, even if you were not in job search mode. You had to build good relationships with your bosses, peers and other co-workers so you could get promoted. You also had to create a career plan with HR to make sure you know what certifications you are going to need in the future and what possibility you have within the company.

Career management became more common and is essential for anybody who wants to progress in their career. However, I think today, career management is not enough. I call the new stage career leadership. You can no longer just chitchat with your co-workers and your boss to get promoted and even if, this completely limits you to the company you currently work at.

Now you need to expand your network outside of your company, socialize with others at events or over LinkedIn and stay on top of your industry because when the day comes when you decide to change, or the company decides they need to reorganize your division, you must be ready. 


Your Turn

I hope I was able to give you some insights about how I see the future in comparison with the past of recruitment and hiring. Now it’s your turn. Take the lead and start building your strong foundation of meaningful relationships outside of your current network.

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Keep Building Your Network

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