How to Tighten Your Network for Career Success

This blog post is about connecting people.


The Introduction That Led to a Job Offer

A few months ago, I introduced one of my coaching clients to somebody in my network who was a potential hiring manager for him. However, he was not able to hire him at this time so he forwarded the request to the HR manager at his company. She got in contact with my coaching client and offered to talk to him over the phone. Within 3 weeks, this led to 3 interviews and a job offer.

Connecting people is not something that I advertise in my coaching services because there is no guarantee that I can do it. I don’t know if I have somebody in my network who matches your values and interests if I don’t know you well.

I do it because it provides massive added value and because I believe that when people connect with each other based on a mutual interest, values or a passion, great things happen.


The Holy Grail of Value

Connecting people in your network based on something they share is extremely valuable. I would even say that it’s the Holy Grail of value because it does not just transfer information or something physical but it creates. It creates a new connection with a massive potential.

For example, I mostly connect people because of similar work experience, interests or goals. However, I can only connect them if both believe as much in relationships as I do. Because then, they will follow up and I can get out of the way and let the connection happen.

If one of them is just interested in gaining something it does not work. They probably wont’ find common ground or will never actually talk to each other.


Become Memorable

When you connect two people and something comes out of that connection that is larger than the two individuals, you will always be the initiator. If they start a business together, work together, become real friends or get married, you were the key to that situation. Without you, it would have never happened.

I am a big believer in the law of attraction and could talk for hours about its value. If you create value, value will be created for you. If you connect people, you will get connected to people. It worked over and over for me and many other people I know.

Do good things and good things will happen to you. Always worked and never fails.


Keith Ferrazzi

Keith is a true leader and connects people as a large part of his business and passion. He is the perfect example of what happens when you connect people with each other. You can read all about his story in his book, Never Eat Alone.


Based on What do I Connect People?

It’s probably never been easier to answer that question than today. You have all the information out there on LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Facebook and whatever social network or information source.

The easiest way is to ask yourself every time you meet somebody in person or talk to somebody on the phone: “Who in my network would benefit from talking to this person and vise versa?”

If you ask yourself that question every time, you will come up with people.

You can also do a search on LinkedIn for people in your network who work in a specific niche industry. Find two of them and connect them.


How do I Connect People?

What works best for me is when I talk to somebody I think I could connect with somebody else, I ask: “Can I introduce you to XY? I will send an email to person XY and put you in the CC ok? You can then follow up and get in contact directly.”

You can also do this over LinkedIn by sending a message to both of them at the same time and addressing both separately in your message.

If you want to make sure they talk to each other, invite both of them to an event of any sort and introduce them there. I do this a lot in my private circles and it’s amazing to see what friendships are created based on that.


What’s in it for Me?

Good question. By connecting people you tighten your network. Simply expanding it all the time but neglecting people in your network won’t help you in the long run. You need both.

By tightening your relationships with people in your network you build a foundation that, no matter how tough things get, will always be supportive. You will also automatically get happier and more fulfilled if you have people around you who really like you and don’t just see you as a business asset.


What Should I do Next?

That’s a question that I get a lot. Here is what I suggest.

Connect 3 people who are already in your network every single week. Connect them based on an interest, passion or values. It could be because they both play golf, love sailing, play chess, believe in building real relationships or because they both come from the same part of the world.


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