Career-Excellence-Through-Relationships-3D-226x300Are you looking for a job in Switzerland but speak limited German or French?

Then you will love this.

I collected the best principles, strategies and ideas from working in recruitment in Switzerland for more than 8 years and what came out was a 111-page Ebook by the name of "Career Excellence Through Relationships".

Because that's what it's all about, relationships. If you build meaningful relationships with genuine people throughout your career, you will never have to look for a job ever again.

Your career will develop faster than you could have imagined and your fulfillment level at work will be higher than ever before. You will love what you do every day and get paid a lot to do so.


Here is what you will learn in this eBook:


Chapter 1 - Your Foundation

  • Learn to understand HR so your application gets forwarded to the hiring manager
  • Define your desired type of companies and positions so you can focus your efforts
  • How to create an extensive list of companies so you have a starting point


Chapter 2 - Preparation

  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can get job offers from recruiters
  • How to prepare and optimize all your application documents (CV, cover letter, references, diplomas, etc.) so you get the best results in Switzerland
  • Learn how to stay on top of changes in your industry or expertise so you get to know when a job becomes available
  • How to work around the issue of work permits in Switzerland if you are not a EU-citizen


Chapter 3 - Connecting With the Right People

  • Learn how to leverage your current network so you can get introduced to potential hiring managers
  • How to find the key decision makers inside and outside of your network
  • How to get in contact with peers and hiring managers in your desired companies
  • How to send connection requests and InMails on LinkedIn so you get a high response rate
  • How to stay in touch with your network so you are remembered when a job opening comes up
  • Learn how to leverage different types of events to connect with hiring managers and other key people
  • An introduction to the power of blogging for career success


Chapter 4 - Application Process

  • Learn how to find the responsible person of a job opening so you can address your application directly to them
  • How to follow-up by phone or email to get the attention of HR or the hiring manager without being annoying


Chapter 5 - Final Words & Resources

  • What you need to do with this Ebook to get the best results
  • 6 great sources for English-speaking jobs in Switzerland




Here's what customers say about this Ebook:

Hercules-Ferreira-150x150“My first impression of this book was in a single word, unique. "Career Excellence Through Relationships" is highly effective with real-life stories, exercises, questions, checklists, tips and resources to illuminate key points and help construct a self-tailored career.”

-Hércules Ferreira, Portugal


Ceejay-Haymen-150x150 "This is a MUST read for anyone serious about their career. It is practical and loaded with the elusive secrets committed career want to polish, perfect and progress into a new opportunity. While the focus is direct the reader to become a savvy Switzerland career seeker, the wisdom within applies globally. Do subscribe to Daniel´s newsletters and be impressed by the solid success for his clients."

-Ceejay Haymen, Sydney, Australia


Emmanuel-Halter-150x150“What an amazing eBook! Out of all the books about recruitment and job search I read, this is the closest to a masterpiece.

Step by step you learn how to proceed to get a job or connect with people. It works like a guideline. From defining your goal to talking with HR, Daniel gives many details, advice and tips to pass all these steps.

He even has exercises to train you in each part of his book. To conclude, do not miss this release. It is like a survival book in the land of recruitment.”

-Emmanuel Halter, Geneva


Renato-Pinto-150x150"Career Excellence Through Relationships" is a fantastic book that teaches you what you should do if you want your dream job, regardless of being a Software Developer or an Economist.

The world is changing, and now, with the constant evolution of the online tools, you can contact more and more people. If you expand your network and contact the right people, you will surely be very successful. The book teaches you that! But it teaches also how to update your LinkedIn to be attractive to recruiters, how to contact recruiters, how to apply to a job and follow up after, etc.

I would recommend this book to everyone, not only to people who are looking for a job in Switzerland, but also to people from every part of the world regardless if looking for a job or not. Everyone should read this book! This is a powerful tool that people should not miss, because if you follow most of the tips of the book, you will surely get your dream job!”

-Renato Pinto, Geneva


Marta-Swarbula-small"Daniel is a great person who has always tons of thoughts on how to help people achieve their dreams.

It is amazing that he finally put his ideas together in a book. "Career Excellence Through Relationships" is a very interesting, simple to understand guide, where people can find detailed instructions on how to get their dream job in the beautiful country of Alps.

Everyone who would like to start an amazing adventure as an expat in Switzerland should first get familiar with this book. Well done Daniel!"

-Marta Swarbula, Bern


The Final Step…

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