How I Got a Job Offer From Google in Switzerland – 6 Easy Steps to Get More Interviews Through LinkedIn

In this article I want to share with you a story about how I got interviewed by Google Switzerland and how you can make sure you get more interview requests regularly.


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Interviewing @ Google-Zurich During Alice Cooper Day

In my corporate recruitment career, I got new job offers almost every month through LinkedIn. Most of them were from recruitment agencies who were looking to expand into Switzerland. Because I built up different regions in Switzerland for recruitment agencies before, I popped up in their search results.

In November 2010 I got another message over LinkedIn with the title “Technical Recruiter Opportunity @ Google-Zurich”, which raised my attention. The recruiter from Google mentioned that he found me in one of his searches on LinkedIn and that he would be very interested in talking to me about this opportunity.

I thought: You don’t get an interview request from Google every day, so why not listen what they have to say.

The phone interview went for an hour with him asking me many details about my career and my current job. He told me about the situation at Google and their plans to massively expand the Youtube division.

After the initial phone call, I sent him my CV and he replied with an interview request at the offices of Google Zurich. I happily accepted it.

At the date of the interview, I drove to Zurich and when I arrived at the offices of Google, I thought it was Halloween. Everybody had painted their faces so I asked the receptionist what was going on. Google was officially celebrating Alice Cooper day

I was invited upstairs to the interview room where during the next 3 hours I faced 6 people to interview me. After that I had the chance to ask all my questions and learn more about the company and their plans.

As I was studying at that time and only worked 80% but Google wanted to hire somebody at 100%,  it did not work out.


How Can You Get More Interview Requests?

The whole Google incident would never have happened if I did not have a highly optimized LinkedIn profile at that time. I was only able to be found by the person from Google because I popped up in his search query. After that, I had to give him a reason on my LinkedIn profile to contact me.


So this is what you need to do to achieve the same results:


1. Define Your Keyword Phrase

To be found on LinkedIn, you need to know for what you want to be found for. “Software Developer”, “Executive Assistant”, “General Manager” and “Business Developer” are not valid keywords. You have to be much more specific. 

What do you think would people type into the LinkedIn people search to find people like you? What job title, technologies, certifications, skills, languages, etc. are these people looking for?

Write down a keyword phrase with 3-5 words that defines what you are best at.

Examples: “Java Mobile Software Developer”, “Senior Commercial Retail Director”, “Luxury Fashion Business Development Manager”, etc.

Be as specific as you can.

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2. Create Different Variations of Your Keywords

Let’s take the example of “Java Mobile Software Developer”. You could also say “Java J2ME Mobile Software Developer” or “Java Mobile Software Engineer”. You want to use these different keyword phrases throughout your entire LinkedIn profile because not every recruiter will be searching for exactly the same keywords.


3. Adjust Your LinkedIn Profile

Add the different variations of your keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you especially use them in your headline, summary and work experience. Don’t spam your profile with these keywords but use them regularly.


4. Give the Recruiter a Reason to Call

First, you need to be found by the recruiter but you also want to make sure he will message you.

In the summary, talk about the very specific type of company you are looking for and the position. You could say “I am interested in learning more about XY companies in Switzerland”. Don’t ever say something like “I am looking for a job in…”. I mentioned this point in my last Webinar. Companies are looking for people who are not actively looking for a new job. 

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5. Give the Recruiter a Possibility to Call

If a recruiter finds your profile on LinkedIn and likes what he sees, he wants to call you. He does not want to email or inMail you but call you. So give the recruiter the possibility and put your phone number somewhere on your LinkedIn profile.


6. Reply Fast

Usually, if a recruiter calls you or sends you an email, you should give them a feedback fast and a possibility to talk to you. They are usually working against time and have to move fast. Therefore you want to help accelerate the process to raise your chances of being presented at their client.


Once you have optimized your LinkedIn profile, do a test search for your keyword phrase and see how close to the top you are.