15 Actions to Move Forward in Your Job Search in Switzerland

In this blog post, I will give you a list with 15 things to do to get ahead in your job search in Switzerland.


1. Connect 3 people in your network with each other based on their interests, values or passion

2. Include a professional picture in your CV

3. Send a message to your 3 past employers to request for reference letters

4. Find out about the goals and issues 5 people in your network have and message them with a solution how you can help them

5. Switch off your email software between 08:00 and 12:00 completely and focus on pro-active work like reaching out to people

6. Schedule your weekly tasks in your calendar in batches

7. Have a printed version of today’s calendar next to your computer or on your desk all the time. When you lose focus, look at the time, check what’s written in your calendar and get back to only doing that

8. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. It will give you energy and focus throughout the day

9. Have lunch with somebody that you never met in person once a week

10. Listen to Seth Godin’s audiobook, Linchpin

11. Watch this short video from Simon Sinek about How to Find Fulfillment at Work 


12. Post your most pressing question in the Career Network Switzerland group on LinkedIn. If you are not a member yet, you can join here for free.

13. Write down the answers to these three questions:

What makes you unique besides your past experience and your education?

Why do you think this makes you unique?

Who can you help and serve best with your uniqueness?

14. Find out about recent achievements of very influential people in your industry and congratulate them sincerely in a quick message. Also tell them that if there is anything you can do to help them achieve their next goal, they should let you know.

15. Sign up for the FREE download of the first chapter of the Expat Job Search Workbook for Switzerland at the end of this post



Always remember that one of the most important keys to your success is providing real value. This is a big part of what makes you stand out of the crowd.