Why Relationships are the Key to Your Career Success in Switzerland

At jordico.com I use the tagline “Career Excellence through Relationships” for a reason. Many business decisions in Switzerland are made because of relationships. Hardware and software purchases, government contracts, large cross-company contracts and hiring decisions; many vendors, service providers and job seekers who win the bid can close the sale because of a relationship they have with the person who is responsible for the purchasing decision.


It is a fact that approximately 80% of all job openings that are filled are never publicly advertised anywhere. The job seekers get hired into these positions because of pre-existing relationships with the key decision makers in the process. This is why I teach my coaching clients how to tap into this hidden job market and build relationships with key people such as peers and hiring managers.



A Recruitment Story

Back when I was working as a recruiter in my corporate job in Switzerland, I had to get in contact with hiring managers all the time. It was the only viable way to get some useful information about the job opening to make sure I had a high chance of finding the right candidate. Sending CVs for job openings which were advertised was a waste of time. They were already posted all over the web from other agencies and candidates were applying directly. Also, there was not much value for the company if one more recruiter was working on that job. I needed a different approach.


I started to build relationships with candidates and hiring managers simultaneously because it was clear to me that every candidate today could be a potential hiring manager or source of job leads in the future. This took some time but eventually, because I kept in touch with many of them and provided value, the candidates came back to me for both, when they were looking for a new job and when they were hiring. Many of those jobs I was working on from that point were only available in the “hidden” job market and because I had the relationships, they were accessible to me.



The Good Old Days

The days when you were able to send in a few applications and get interview requests because you were only competing with a few applicants are gone. You are now competing with the world. When you are applying for job openings which are publicly advertised, you are competing with 80% or more of the job seekers and recruitment agencies for 20% of the whole job market cake in Switzerland (See paragraph two above).


So why don’t more people compete for the “hidden” job market? Because it’s difficult and there is no quick fix. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes scary to get out of your comfort zone. It takes bravery and persistence to succeed in gathering those “hidden” job leads. But the benefits of doing so are huge. 


When you do the hard work, you are not chosen because of your talent of putting together a good CV but actually because the hiring manager and the team likes your personality and ideas. You don’t just get chosen by the company but you can actually choose with whom you want to work. You get to work with like-minded people all around you that share the same beliefs and vision as you – otherwise you would never have come to work here. Your salary is also higher as the company pays you what you are worth instead of the minimum to keep you there because they hired the entire YOU with all your talents and uniqueness.



Everybody Has to be a Marketer

If you still solely rely on sending your application in for job openings that you find advertised somewhere and can’t seem to get anywhere with this approach, don’t you think it’s time to change something? I’d like to quote a famous scientist here:


“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein


I believe to succeed in today’s economy, you have to be a marketer. I am not talking about a sneaky sales type of marketer but somebody that can market himself or herself in a smart way. 


For career success this means not only communicating your past experience but your future benefit for an organization. It also means knowing why you do what you do and why you have chosen this career path. The ability to communicate what you believe and how to solve interesting problems provides you with a major advantage over your competition.


I believe marketing for career success boils down to the ability to communicate your beliefs, talents and uniqueness in a way that your counterpart can immediately understand the core benefits of hiring you. If you are able to communicate this in every conversation you have – written or spoken – you can only succeed.



It’s Your Choice

You decide all by yourself if you are going to succeed in your search for a new job or your career development. If you decide to step out of your comfort zone, learn the essential inter-personal skills and start doing the hard work that is required to build meaningful business relationships, you are set up for success. 


Not only will you succeed in getting a new job that you love fast but you will also never have to look for a new job again because you have built your foundation. You can lose your job tomorrow out of the blue but the foundation of real relationships that you have built can never be taken from you, always remember that.



So How Can You Start Building Relationships for Your Career Success?

This is one of the major questions I receive from people who understand the benefits of building relationships. That’s the reason I wrote the book the “Expat Job Search Workbook for Switzerland”. It teaches you everything you need to know to build relationships with key people in your industry or expertise so you can get a job in Switzerland with a company that values your personality and uniqueness.


You can either get your copy of the book here or download the 1st chapter for FREE by signing up below.


Another option is to work with me personally. I set up my coaching services around the core idea of building meaningful relationships with peers and hiring managers in your desired companies. You can learn more about how you can work with me here.