WHY Companies in Switzerland Hire You – Going From WHAT to WHY

This article is about your communication. I believe it’s one of the core parts throughout your entire career progression and especially important during your job search.


How the Country Manager Makes Coffee For His Employees

Last Thursday morning, I have been talking to one of my job search coaching clients just before I left to travel back to Switzerland from a stay in Poland.

When I first spoke to my client two weeks ago, he told me WHAT he is looking for, WHAT he has done in the past very extensively and WHAT he could do in the future. I listened to him carefully and took my notes.

Now, 2 weeks later in the 2nd coaching session, I noticed a difference. We were talking about some issues he is facing and towards the end of the coaching session we discussed the issue of companies not valuing employees in some parts of the world.

I noticed a major change in his communication when he started a sentence with “I believe” for the first time. He told me that he believes that valuing employees should be the most important mission of a company and the highest goal. 

He told me a story from his past where he worked as the country manager for two eastern European countries. On the way to the coffee machine he asked one of his employees if she wanted a coffee as he is getting one for himself. She confusedly said yes because it never happened to her that her boss asked if she wants coffee. She felt valued and not like in a dictatorship. She started telling others that her boss is making her coffee sometimes and how good it feels to be valued.

His voice sounded completely different, much more passionate. The words that came out of his mouth were clear, easy to understand and very powerful.

After 10 minutes of listening to his passionate speech, I told him, if I were the CEO of a company he interviewed at for a job and if I valued my employees, I would hire him immediately after that interview. 


Watch this short video to get a better understanding of the “Why-How-What Technique”.



I just bought Simon’s book, Start with Why, last week and love it. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be inspired to get clear about his WHY. 


WHY My Clients Hire Me as Their Coach

This is one of the most important things for me to know as a feedback from my clients. The answer is always very similar. My client’s don’t hire me because I have more than 7 years experience in recruitment and HR nor do they hire me just because of my expertise.

My clients hire me because they believe what I believe. They understand and connect with my WHY. 

I believe relationships are the key to everything in your career. If you build meaningful relationships with people who believe what you believe, there are no limits to where your career can take you.

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Sharing Values and Beliefs

Being a CEO, I need to make sure my country manager or general manager shares my values and beliefs and that’s exactly what my client communicated. He completely changed his communication from WHAT to WHY and is now able to communicate on a completely different level. He just entered the circle of the 1% when it comes to effective communication. That’s what I call progress!

If you are still talking about your WHAT, it’s time to change that. Download the FREE 33-page Communication Excellence Workbook and start communicating your WHY.


What Does Your Future Boss Believe?

Do you want your next job to be fun and something you truly love? If so, you need to get to know your potential hiring manager and the company culture first, before you sign the contract. If you want to get chosen for an interview out of 100s of applicants, you need to have an edge.

You need to communicate something else than the 20 people who have just been on interview for that same position before you and have exactly the same level of experience as you have or even more when you apply. Using WHAT and HOW does not distinct you much from those, WHY does.


What Do You Believe?

Before you can start communicating more effectively, you need to know what you believe. The Communication Excellence Workbook can help you with that a lot.

Think about this for a moment: What kinds people trust you in your personal life? In other words, who are your best friends which whom you really click? Are these random people who have the same experience as you? Do you only have an education or past work place in common? Or do you maybe share the same view of the world and think alike about how things work? 

If you want your next job in Switzerland to be long-lasting, lots of fun and something you love, you need a boss or company that trusts you and that you can trust.

How passionate are you about a company you work at if you are not allowed to speak up what you believe?


The Catch With the Job Ads

If you only rely on applying for advertised jobs, you are stuck. You have no idea if your future boss or company culture matches with your view of the world.

Do you know anything at all about the company you are applying for except for how the logo looks like and what’s on their website? What do other people say about the company? Does the company actually act on their values and beliefs or do they even have some?

I’m not going to be the extremist here and say “Never ever apply for a job that is advertised”. If you limit your time on job boards to 10-20% of your overall time spent on job search, that’s fine but mainly do the work that matters, building real relationships with real people.


Your Job Search vs. Your Job

If you are supposed to be a leader in your job, you should also be one in your job search. Your potential employer will judge you based on how you approach your job search.

If you apply for a job as a Sales Director at an innovative and fast moving company, they expect you to act like a Sales Director in your job search. Find your way to the hiring manager and call him or her.

If you are a Software Developer who leads others not because they report to you but because they trust you, you are a leader. If you are an Accountant who strives to improve processes, automates work where he can and inspires others to do so, you are a leader. Act in your job search as you would in your job.


One last question to you

Would you hire yourself based on what you communicate when applying, interviewing or introducing yourself to a hiring manager? 

If there was no clear and 100% certain YES in your mind, consider signing up for the free 4-week job search coaching for Switzerland below.

We will start to work on your communication first thing on Monday!