The Ultimate Expat Job Search Workbook to Find a Job in Switzerland


I decided to launch an e-book specifically for Expats who want to work in Switzerland but do not speak a local language, like German or French, and therefore have much more trouble finding job openings. This blog post will tell you what is in the e-book and how you can benefit from a special discount early on.



Why an e-book?

Most of the job openings that get filled are never published publicly (approx. 80%) and therefore it is only possible for the best connected job seekers with most accurate information to find them. However, this is not a sort of talent but can be learned and this is exactly what you will be doing through my e-book.


I would like to put all my experience into one place and so I chose an e-book. The e-book will also be affordable for anyone and therefore will affect much more people than I could ever do with my own coaching hours.



Why a workbook?

As you probably realized from the title, this will not be a normal book that you can buy at any store. You will rather work your way through this book than read through it. Every section consists of several exercises to complete, to make sure you are the most effective in your job search. These exercises will be even more valuable than the information in the book itself because it will prepare you for everything on your way to your dream job.


The book is structured into different sections and will give you a step by step guideline to follow.



What is in the e-book?

Basically I try to put everything that I know about the Swiss job market and my 7 years experience in recruitment, aligned with what my readers ask me most of the time, into this book, so you will never have to buy another one. This is approximately how it will look like:


1. Preparation

  • Finding out what type of companies you would like to work for
  • Listing the companies you are targeting
  • Getting in contact with people at these companies
  • Get to know about your work permit situation
  • Preparing your CV for Switzerland
  • Setting up alerts about market and industry news about important information


2. Information gathering

  • Connecting with peers
  • Sending the right type of introduction messages
  • Finding out which companies do fit your values


3. Promoting yourself

  • Discovering job leads through your network of connections
  • Following up with the connections you have made
  • Holding informal interviews with potential employers
  • Leveraging the right events


4. Receiving job offers without applying

  • Optimizing LinkedIn so you are found by recruiters and HR


5. Application process

  • Find the right person to talk to about the position
  • Tailoring your message perfectly to that person, department and company
  • Following up after sending your CV



The topics may vary from the final e-book in the end and much more things will be added over time. Every point listed will be very deeply talked about in detail. However, I will keep it compact because I don’t see the point of putting information in it that you can find anywhere else just to make it 200 pages long.



Pre-launch discount

The book will be launched within the next few months and I will update the people who want to know about it regularly. Furthermore I am offering a special pre-launch discount to you as my regular blog readers.



What would you like to see in this e-book? Let me know in the comments below!