Personal Branding for Career Excellence

You can read it everywhere on the web on the most famous career blogs and in magazines. Personal branding is getting more and more important.
Career Development
I believe that personal branding will be indispensable for your career development in the future and already is essential today. You will only be able to progress in your career if you have a strong personal brand and if people know who you are. Personal Branding is nothing new, it has always been around.
Think about it, do the people who work the most and are the most efficient get promoted? Or rather the ones that know the most influential people, play golf with them and have Friday night BBQs at their houses? As the saying goes “It is not what you know, but who you know” and I believe the version of scaling is “…but who knows you”.
If you stand out of the crowd by being generous and offering others your help without a Return on Investment thinking, if you paint a vision of the future and draw the way to go there, and if you provide value to key decision makers, you show leadership. 
As I mentioned, personal branding is nothing new. It has existed forever. But today, for the first time in history, it is possible to scale personal branding and to do it for free. Through existing technologies today, you can reach out to thousands of like minded people within seconds. This has never been possible to this extent before. The fastest, easiest and most powerful way to build a personal brand today is through blogging.
Why blogging?
Blogging is a very young phenomena, especially in Europe, and not many people use it for the purpose of career development – yet. But those who do, reap the benefits from it
The recruitment industry is moving very fast and it is getting harder and harder to find a job through traditional channels. Right now, the only assessment criteria that employers have before they talk to you, is your CV. Based on how good you are in putting together a powerful and great looking CV, you will get an interview. Should it not be: Based on how good you match for the position, company and the department, you will get an interview?
I believe it is a major issue these days that candidates are solely judged based on their Resume. I further believe that in the very near future, this will change. You already are researched by companies to see what you are up to and what others say about you online. Why not use this to your advantage by actively showing what you can do and what your beliefs are? Take initiative instead of reacting and responding.
Job security
I think job security does not exist anymore these days. Maybe there are some people working in jobs, who can’t be fired, because of the legal system in this country but most of the jobs are not secure at all anymore. What if we shift the focus from job security to career security?
If it is no longer just one job that is secure, we need to come up with a new way of thinking about the future of our careers. What if you can regain the security completely by branding yourself, so you do not have the security in a single job but in your entire future career? Well, now you can!
Through your personal blog you can build a reputation in your area of expertise and make sure you secure your future career by showing peers, hiring managers, recruiters and HR your capabilities, leadership skills and talents as well as your personality. Of course you have start doing this yesterday, because it takes time to build a personal brand. However, through social media, it is possible to grow a reputation faster and on a bigger scale than ever before.
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