[Interview] How My Portuguese Coaching Client Arranged 4 Job Interviews in Zurich in 15 Days

Do you think not speaking German or French is a disadvantage if you are networking and connecting with decision makers in Switzerland?

Do you think it’s hard to express your value to decision makers when reaching out?


Watch this video interview with Paulo and learn how he:

  • Arranged 12 Skype interviews that transformed into 4 face to face interviews in Zurich
  • Had a job interview with a hiring manager at lake Zurich over a few beers
  • Used his Portuguese language skills as an advantage for companies expanding to emerging markets
  • Shifted his focus to small to medium sized companies


Paulo has worked with me as part of my coaching programs and completely transformed his networking efforts by using the Why-How-What statement to show potential decision makers how he can help them achieve their goals and solve their issues.