How to Use the Power of a Mastermind Group for Your Job Search in Switzerland

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third invisible mind.” -Napoleon Hill


The Challenge

Finding work you love in Switzerland can be challenging and it can take a while to succeed. The longer the process endures, the higher the likelihood that you get frustrated or demotivated at some point.

I usually tell my coaching clients to calculate 3-6 months from start to finish with their job search in Switzerland if they really want to find something that excites them and makes them happy instead of just getting a new job.

No matter how long it takes for you to find a new job in Switzerland that gets you up in the morning with a big bold smile on your face, it can be challenging to face the path alone.


The Mastermind

Working towards a similar goal together is usually much easier and faster than facing all the challenges alone. This is why all great athletes and business leaders have coaches and that is why the greatest minds in history had and have mastermind groups.

The concept of the mastermind is described in details at Live Your Legend where you can even download a 56-page workbook to put your own mastermind group together.

In short, a mastermind group usually consists of 3-5 people who work together to achieve a similar goal. They hold each other accountable for their goals, give feedback and tell stories of what they have learned and help each other in any way possible to achieve their goals.


The 8-Person Mastermind in Zurich

A few months ago, I was invited by one of my readers to participate in a round table discussion with 8 people in Zurich who were looking for a job in Switzerland. We went to a restaurant and everyone sat at the same table. 

People shared their experience from the past weeks, asked for feedback and people shared stories and looked for ways to create potential opportunities by sharing each others networks and insights.

I did not realize until recently that this is an actual mastermind group that gets together every 4 weeks in person in Zurich to work together in achieving a common goal.

After the round table meeting, I was put on the email list by the organizer and received the communication that happened between the people in the group. 

Only a few days after the meeting, I saw something astonishing. People were sending emails with job leads to each other in the mastermind group. Many of the leads came from people who had been invited to interviews but did not take the job for some reason. At the end of the email it always said “If you are interested in this job, let me know and I will put you in contact with the hiring manager directly”.

These emails stayed in my mind until now and I constantly thought about what to do with this knowledge to help you. Now I know. You can create your own mastermind group and make the magic happen yourself.


The Benefits of a Mastermind

As illustrated in the story above, there is massive value in creating such a group. It can completely transform your job search in Switzerland and take your career to a new level.

By meeting with each other regularly and defining specific goals to achieve until the next meeting, you hold each other accountable for progress. This alone can completely change how fast you progress in your job search.

As stated in Napoleon Hill’s quote at the beginning of this blog post, if two or more people get together, the capacity for intelligence increases exponentially. 

You may never be able to tap into resources, knowledge or creative ideas if you operate alone. Take advantage of the third invisible mind when teaming up with other likeminded individuals and tap into this force.

Another massive advantage is the shared network. If you get together with 2-4 other people to work towards a common goal, you can share each others network. This allows you to tap into opportunities that you would have never known of otherwise. 

Share your network with others and they will share their network with you.


Where to Find People For Your Mastermind

There are countless places to find people for your mastermind. It’s of major importance that you work with people who share not just a common goal but also your values.

A great way to find these likeminded individuals is in the Private Jordico Career Excellence Circle if you are a coaching client of mine. This is an exclusive community for my coaching clients to get together and share their stories, experience and ask questions. My coaching clients already get together in person or online and some amazing opportunities have been created thought these connections.

Another resource you can tap into is the large public Career Network Switzerland with currently over 3200 amazing people who share a common goal, to find work they love in Switzerland.

Join these communities, search for people who have something in common with you and reach out to them. Use the 56-page free workbook from Live Your Legend to build your own mastermind group.


How I Use a Mastermind Group to Grow My Business

I have no intention of being a freelance career coach. I want to build something that puts a dent in the universe by helping people to find work they love. Therefore I work with two other amazing people in a mastermind group who build their own businesses to put a dent in the universe in their own unique way. 

One of the people in my mastermind is in Sweden, the other one is in China. We have a weekly Skype call for 90-120 minutes and this interview with Galina about An Unconventional Approach to Building Relationships With Business Leaders is only one result of the mastermind’s power.

Many of the most valuable things that I have created in my business are a result of the feedback and inputs from the amazing people in my mastermind group.


Reading This vs. Taking Action

Simply reading about the power of mastermind groups is not going to transform your job search in Switzerland in any way. You need to put into action what you learn if you want to make massive progress.

Creating your own mastermind group is a powerful way to reach out to people and show that you are a true leader. Gather 2-4 other likeminded people who share your goal of finding great work in Switzerland within the next week and see how it affects your progress in an astonishingly positive way.


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