How to Get Introduced to Hiring Managers Through Your Network [Real Story + Example Messages]

I want to share a story with you from one of my coaching clients. It will hopefully inspire you to reach out to your network and provide real value along the way. In my coaching I help my clients to build and establish relationships with peers and hiring managers in Switzerland so they can find a job with a company that values their personality.


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The Story How My Client Got Introduced to an Executive Hiring Manager

When my client was working in his previous position as an executive in the IT area, he was recruiting for somebody for his team as a technical expert. One of the people he interviewed was a perfect match in terms of personality and they got along very well. However, there was no possibility to take him on board as the technical requirements did not fit well enough. Therefore my client rejected the applicant but did something very valuable during the interview. He gave the applicant a few inputs for future interviews and advised him on his job search approach in general, which the applicant valued very much.


After that, they had contact regularly and shared some ideas from time to time. It was a connection that established on trust, mutual ideas and added-value. A few months later, my client was looking to move into a new position and got in contact with his new trusted connection and found out that he was working for a fast growing company in Switzerland. My client asked him if he could introduce him to somebody at the company and this is where the interesting part started.


Because the relationships was based on mutual trust, he was confident enough to introduce my client to the European Business Head who then invited my client for an interview with the country manager for Switzerland. This interview only happened because the interviewer and the interviewee had a shared, trusted connection. Furthermore, the position my client got interviewed for was never advertised anywhere publicly so there was no competition for my client in the hiring process.


To this date, my client had several interviews with the country manager at this company and other people involved in the hiring process and both sides are very positive about a potential employment.



Lessons to take away

I believe the main lesson to learn from this is that connections and meaningful relationships can get you very far. However, it is not enough to start fixing the roof once it starts raining. You need to build relationships constantly and use every opportunity to provide value. It starts today, every day you don’t build or strengthen your network, it declines a little bit. Either relationships move forward or backwards but they don’t stand still.


The best time to start building your network and reaching out to people to provide value is today. The later you start, the harder it will be once you need your network to support you.


Don’t think too far outside of your network. You probably know many peers and juniors in your network already. Start with them. Your immediate connections are your most valuable assets when it comes to developing your network further.

Get in touch with 3 people in your network this week and provide massive value for them. This could be connecting them with somebody else that they can benefit from, share knowledge, send an article or anything that is valuable. Be creative.



Example Introduction Requests

I put together a few example messages for requesting an introduction that you can find in the section below. You can send them to people in your network that you know well and would like to get introduced through.



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“Hi Mark


I hope you are doing well. How are things going with the new project that you took over last month?

I noticed on LinkedIn that you know a few people at IBM. I am very interested in learning more about IBM as I heard they won the Award of Excellence in 2012. Would you be able to introduce me to John McCartney and Vincent Bennet? 


I would be very happy to get to know them.


Best Regards




“Hi George


How are things going with your new Porsche you bought? As I said, I’m always up for a test drive.


I saw that you changed company and work for Novartis now, congratulations. How do you like it there?

Do you know Marc Cooper and Danny Hurley well? I noticed they are both working at Novartis as well and are connections of yours.

I would be very interested in learning more about what they do as I think Novartis is a very interesting company. The innovative spirit that drives them is impressive.


If you have any chance of introducing Marc and Danny to me that would be wonderful.


Best Regards




“Hi Sarah


It’s been a while since we spoke last time, how are the two youngsters, Jenny and Bill, doing?

I saw that you got promoted 3 months ago, congratulations. How are you handling the new challenges?


I am currently in career transition and would be very interested in learning more about the company you work for.

From what I saw on LinkedIn, you know 2 people who work in the same area of expertise as I do at Glaxo. Do you know Peter Mirco and Garry Newman well? Do you feel comfortable about introducing me to them so I can learn more about what they are doing?


It would be a big help for me if you could establish a connection between Peter, Garry and me.


If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.


Best Regards