An Unconventional Way to Get Introductions to Hiring Managers

Have you ever made a new friend because somebody took you along for a party, lunch, dinner or introduced you to somebody you did not know before?

Think about all the great people you have met because a friend, colleague, business partner or family member has put you in contact with each other. Now think about these “middle men” and “middle women”, did you ever do something that benefited them in some way?

We, as humans, love to be connected and when the right opportunity comes along will always repay the favor in some way. This is called the law of reciprocity and in this blog post I will explain how you can put it to work for you.

Would you like to get more referrals and introductions to hiring managers, influencers and authorities?

If so, you need to first give what you want and then it will come back to you multiple times. If you want to get these introductions, start introducing people to each other.

This is the follow up post from 5 Steps to Keep in Touch in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day.


Connect People Within Your Network

This is something only the most successful people do right now and I highly suggest you start with it if you want to excel in your career. You may have come across this idea before but most people don’t get how incredibly valuable this is.

I connect people in my network on a daily basis, mostly based on their values, a passion or because they pursue similar goals. The value this creates within my network is tremendous and the opportunities it creates for me is astonishing.

Simply putting two people in contact with each other on a regular basis has created new business ventures, job offers, long term friendships and plenty of new client business for me. 

Do you want to know how you can make it work for you and your career?


How Do I Connect People in my Network?

There are only two steps:

1. Find two people who share something in common

2. Send both of them an email introducing them to each other


Simply go through your connections and think for a while about who could mutually benefit from knowing each other. This can be people with similar backgrounds, goals, passions and interests, values, industry, business school or anything you can think of.

Once you have two of them, put both of their email addresses into one email and say something like:


“Dear Martin, I’d like to introduce you to Kelly. Kelly is an old school friend of mine who is working in business development in a high-tech company in Switzerland. She is about as passionate about golf as you are.

Dear Kelly, I’d like to introduce you to Martin. Martin has his own business where he helps startups in technology to expand their business internationally. He is also a golf fanatic, just like you.

I think you two should get to know each other and maybe play a round of golf some time.


Here are Kelly’s contact details:


Here are Martin’s contact details:


Wishing you both a wonderful week!

Best Regards



I send out messages just like these on a very regular basis and put people in contact with each other. My goal is always the same, I want both parties to get closer to a professional or personal goal and in many cases, getting to know somebody new who has something in common is a shortcut to reach a goal.


3 Real Life Examples of Connecting People

Here are three examples of how connecting people can have an impact on your business or career and what it creates within the network.


1. Spanish and French Business Venture

Just last week, I spoke to one of my coaching clients who is originally from Argentina and now lives in Spain. She told me a fantastic story how she connected two people in her network but had no idea what an impact it could have.

A while ago, she got to know a French guy while traveling and they became friends. Over the years, they got to know each other better and it became clear that they had many shared business interests. Therefore, the French guy offered her to join his business as a partner. However, she was not interested in that specific business and she declined.

After she relocated from the UK to Spain, she got to know somebody who was living in Spain and was much interested in the same business sector as the French guy she knew well. Therefore she decided to put them in contact with each other so they can start a venture and take their businesses to the next level.

By doing so, she created massive value for both sides and strengthened the relationship between her and both of the guys she connected. 

Who do you think will pop into their minds when there is an opportunity my client could be interested in?


2. An Interview With a CEO

A few weeks ago, I put two of my coaching clients in contact with each other because they have a shared passion about a social cause and both share similar values. They are not from the same profession but their characters align very well.

The result was that they talked to each other and one of them put the other person in contact with a CEO he knew, which then resulted in an interview.

Due to the fact that I introduced them, there was already a level of trust between them so a relationship could develop much faster.


3. An Interview Through Genuine Interest

A while ago, I started interacting with a business contact and we shared some of our view points of the industry and had great discussions.We kept in touch for some time and discussed industry trends, opinions and more from time to time. 

Last week, we talked again and he asked me about a company that I mentioned in one of my articles. I told him a little more about the company and while discussing, I realized that one of my friends works at that company in the same area. So I put them in contact with each other because they both have a similar character and share closely related values.

Once again, the result was an offer for an interview.


Even though I don’t think too much about what I can get out of connecting these people in my network, I want to mention that a major part of my business comes from referrals and introductions of people I connect with each other.

You can get these referrals and introductions the same way to advance your career. The law of reciprocity works.


How to Connect People in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

I value my time a lot. Therefore, I am always interested in tools that make my life easier, especially the ones that free up time.

A few months ago, I came across a tool and I have partnered up with this company because I truly believe that it’s the best tool available for all keep in touch efforts and for connecting people.

People always complain that they don’t have enough time to implement such techniques and strategies such as the one I explain in this article. I believe that if you use Contactually the right way, you can find and connect people with each other in less than 10 minutes a day. Therefore, the words “I don’t have the time to do this” really only becomes and excuse.

Within Contactually, there are plenty of resources available that explain all the details about how you can easily connect people with each other through the tool in a few minutes.


Do You Want to Expand Your Network in Switzerland?

You now know how you can effectively and efficiently keep in touch with your network, connect people, create tremendous value and can do it on a daily basis in a few minutes.

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