7 Great Tools to Help You Find a Job in Switzerland Even if You Live Abroad

In the recent Webinar about “How to Find a Job in Switzerland as an English Speaker”, one participant asked what she should do, if she is still abroad, to find a job in Switzerland. I believe this is a topic that interests most job seekers abroad. So here we go.


The Principles Don’t Change

The principles that I always teach and preach don’t change. You get a job by talking to people. Physically talking to people can be difficult if you are abroad but it does not always have to be face-to-face.

It all comes down to this: You need to find effective ways to get in front of people who are either directly responsible for the hiring decision or can influence them.


Let Recruiters Find You

Recruiters are out there, searching for you day and night. There are hundreds of recruiters in Switzerland that are actively searching for what you have to offer. Give it to them and let them find you.

The most underused approach is leveraging online presences like LinkedIn and Monster. These tools are fantastic to present yourself and get a constant flow of interviews coming your way if you do it right.

I will introduce you to 7 of my favorite online platforms that I highly recommend you use to be found by recruiters. I list them here because I used them myself throughout my entire recruitment career.

Always remember that the way you communicate your unique values on these platforms will determine if somebody calls you or not after they have seen your profile. Download the Communication Excellence Workbook here for free and make sure your communication is clear and effective.


1. LinkedIn

I already talked a bit about LinkedIn in past articles. It’s very important to have an optimized LinkedIn profile to make sure the recruiters who are looking for people with your experience find you. You can do this by optimizing for a very specific set of keywords that you know recruiters are looking for.

If you want to know exactly how this works in a live presentation, sign up for the next Webinar here about How to Get More Interview Through Your LinkedIn profile.


2. Monster

When I was working in recruitment, Monster was one of the main tools we used to recruit candidates from outside and inside of Switzerland. I recruited countless people from outside of Switzerland through Monster and always thought there were not enough people registered. So get a Monster account and optimize your profile there according to your keywords.


3. Jobserve

Back in my career as a recruiter, I used Jobserve mostly when I was looking for English speakers. You find many jobs there for English speakers. On the other hand you can also set up a profile so recruiters can find you in their searches. It is the largest database of English speakers that I have found during my recruitment career and I highly recommend to set up a profile there and also look at jobs there regularly.


4. Experteer

Experteer used to be especially valuable for executives but has changed to also be valuable for mid-level management and experts. It’s another tool I used to find candidates while I was working as a recruiter.

Experteer works a bit different from the other platforms as it charges the job seekers to have a premium profile to actually be able to be contacted by recruiters. I suggest you use Experteer especially if you are a senior level expert, executive or in mid-level management.


5. Placement24

One more tool I used back in my recruitment days. Placement24 might slightly be more valuable for German speakers but it does not hurt to have a profile there as well to get more exposure.


6. Xing

The largest professional network for German speakers. I know some English speakers who had success with Xing but mostly it’s the LinkedIn for German speakers and they focus most of their efforts on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you speak an acceptable level of German and are able to create a German profile without much help, use it to your advantage and get a profile there.


7. Viadeo

This is the LinkedIn for the French part of the world. With over 50 Million users, Viadeo is the largest professional network for French speakers. If you can have a conversation in French, get a profile here and optimize it the same way you would optimize your LinkedIn profile.


If you use these tools effectively and have a highly optimized profile for the keywords you are targeting, you can generate a constant flow of leads and interviews coming your way even if you are not physically located in Switzerland.

Helping you optimize your profile on these platforms is also part of my job search coaching for Switzerland.


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