7 great sources to find English speaking jobs in Switzerland

To help job seekers who only speak English or maybe basic German, I’d like to provide some guidance, where to find English-speaking jobs in Switzerland.


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1. Companies with English as a business language

There are many companies that are hiring English speakers in Switzerland. The issue is finding them. I have not come across any complete lists with such companies. However, I found some interesting starting points. One great source is this article in the English Forum.



2. Find English-speaking peers 

Try searching for peers in your industry or expertise on LinkedIn in Switzerland. If I search for Java J2SE and tick “English” in the languages tab on LinkedIn and select Switzerland as a location, I get 167 results of people who speak English. Broaden your search to just Java and you get 7206 results. Now if you want to search for people who do not have the German language mentioned in their profile type this into the search box:

Java -german -deutsch


You get 6541 results of people who do not have German in their LinkedIn resume. Of course this is not a perfect solution, but it will provide you with heaps of potential companies you can watch out for jobs or get in contact with some people.



3. Jobserve.com 

If you are a contractor and looking for a new project, jobserve is the place to go. They also improved their listings for full-time positions. At the time I am writing this, jobserve lists 545 jobs in Switzerland and most of them are English-speaking positions. 266 out of these jobs are permanent.



4. CWJobs.co.uk

Search for “Switzerland” as the location and you will find 169 jobs, almost all of which are English-speaking. 

About half of the jobs are permanent positions, the other half is projects.



5. Jobsinzurich.com

You find some great jobs on this website, especially from employers themselves. You have to sift and sort through the jobs as it’s not always clear if English is enough as a language. Other than that I like it as a source.



6. The English Forum Jobs

This is the same domain as in the first paragraph. You can find the job listings here

You can set up job emails easily but the search function is missing (Or I just could not find it). It is a rich source of jobs and also focusses on English speakers.



7. English recruiters

To receive job requests from recruiters, I suggest you focus on the big players in the market or try small companies, led by English recruiters. Here is a list of agencies I can recommend as I know some people personally within these companies and know that most of them work very professionally.


Experis – I know a few area heads and the country manager personally and can recommend them as a professional recruitment company. 

execIT Recruitment GmbH – I know the founder personally since many years and can recommend him as a professional recruiter. You can read more about the founder of execIT here.

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